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FitnessPlayer is a digital music service for gyms and workouts

We’re not aiming to be just another tech provider of workout music. In developing FitnessPlayer we’ve worked with fitness instructors active in the industry, building on their need for a hassle-free one-shop-stop. The result allows you to easily mix your own playlists from the latest in workout music, change BPM, mix tracks and source the right sound for your exercise session.

New music now

To make sure we’re providing the best music out there, we work with Music in Brands, experts in digital music services for public spaces. Our music is perfect for workouts and is constantly being updated. If there’s a particular track you’re looking for, just let us know and we’ll sort it for you.

Change your mind,
  change your music

Update your playlists more often, more easily. Heard Justin’s new song on the way to work? Just a couple of clicks and you’ve updated the music for your next session and got yourself a new music mix that feels up-to-date and inspiring.

As I see it, what makes a good exercise class is a good instructor and professionally mixed music. FitnessPlayer helps me to create high-quality sessions without being too time-consuming or too complicated. It looks good, it’s easy to use and it’s great!

Linda Pettersson, IKSU

I think FP 2.0 is really good. The best thing about it, which is absolutely fantastic, is being able to listen to your mixes on the spot and it’s also easy to see what it looks like on the soundtrack and put together a good mix fairly quickly. Adding songs to your playlist couldn’t be easier either.

Malin Wikström, IKSU

On the right side of the law

FitnessPlayer deals with the whole issue of music rights for your gym without you having to worry about a thing. As the laws currently stands, you are not allowed to burn music from a computer to CD, or copy it to a USB stick or other digital storage medium and use it in an exercise class. With your instructors using FitnessPlayer, you get easy, hassle-free access to a digital music service that has the rights and is licensed by IFPI and STIM.

Background music

Play music to inspire and energise! In partnership with Music in Brands, we also offer music channels for other areas of the gym. The music is streamed to the gym and constantly updated with new tracks great for exercise or relaxation.

Give it a go

The best way to see how easy it is to use FitnessPlayer is to try it out.
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