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The FitnessPlayer saga started in Sweden in 2011 when Northern Europe’s largest gym operator, IKSU, identified a problem - playing licensed music in gym classes is infringing on copyright laws when using private Spotify, Tidal or any other music service which is only for private use.

With almost 30.000 active members and more than 250 group training instructors IKSU needed a legal and reliable music solution that could energise their classes with original and contemporary music.

Since no such service was available on the market, IKSU together with local software developers created the copyright solutions needed and developed an online database filled with tracks and playlists curated for fitness classes.

The FitnessPlayer brand was born the same year as the first prototype was up and running, now offering the same solution to all fitness instructors and gyms nationwide.

Needless to say, the FitnessPlayer tool grew quickly from there. Thanks to its unique technical and copyright solution, as well as continuous feature and usability development, FitnessPlayer today is Sweden’s absolute market leader with a 25% market share.

After having forged a similar license solution with the UK music industry via PPL and PRS, FitnessPlayer can now offer its unique tool to fitness instructors and gym operators in the United Kingdom.

The FitnessPlayer success is the result of long term collaboration between a large and resilient group of fitness instructors, the music industry, and skilled relentless tech and UX developers.

FitnessPlayer is a sister company to Music in Brands AB, one of the leading background music suppliers in Scandinavia.