Get access to FitnessPlayer for best-in-class performance in the studio, gym or online.

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What can you do with FitnessPlayer?


Find what you need — easily

Search by BPM, genre, year, or length to find the music that suits your class. From crossfit and spinning, to yoga and interpretive dance — we’ve got a selection made for you.

Quickly build perfect playlists

Add breaks, create intervals, and edit tracks to create the perfect playlist for your class. Or you can get inspired by trying one of our recommended playlists.

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Play with performance-boosting

Stream your music and mixes with the best possible sound quality.

Sync with your devices

No new equipment needed. Simply sync FitnessPlayer
with your existing Bluetooth speakers or
entertainment system, and press play to start.


Choose from a huge selection of

Find the best music for your classes. It’s all there from the latest hits to good old faves.

And if you can’t find a song you’re looking for, just request it and we’ll add it for you!

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Create your playlist with un limit access to all music Change BPM Change start and ending of a track as you like Create interval playlists Add breaks Add sound effects Curated Playlist Curated 32 count Playlists Play music in offline mode
Create Intervals
Mix and change BPM
Browse and build playlists
Mix and change tempo